What is ceramic coating?


As the progress of science and technology nowadays, more and more emerging material begins to appear, and the market that lives in building materials also appeared subsequently a lot of new-style building materials, and there is no lack of all sorts of new-style coating on market also, ceramic coating is one of them. For ceramic coating you may have doubts: since it is a coating that why can be widely used? This kind of coating won't it produce harmful gas? Isn't the ceramic coating used on tableware and cooking utensils a health hazard? So "ceramic coating" what is a kind of material after all? What are its features for daily use? Below small make up for you to answer a few questions about ceramic coating.

Ceramic coating is a kind of coating which can make organic matter and inorganic matter react, so it has the advantages of both at the same time, it is a new ceramic coating. The hardness of the new ceramic coating can reach more than 6H. It has a high temperature resistance of up to 400 degrees, a non-stick effect, and a variety of colors. And it can be made into water-based ceramic coatings. The weatherability and processing performance of water-based ceramic coatings are very excellent, and they are resistant to dirt as well as damage. Although the former ceramic coating is resistant to damage, it is easy to produce cracks if the parts are bent after painting. Among them, fluorine-containing resin coating and organic coating are easy to be damaged by sand, stone and dust.

In modern life, the nonstick coating that applies on crockery of pottery and porcelain is more and more extensive also, nonstick crockery of pottery and porcelain. It is favored by consumers because of its convenience. According to the character of coating of pottery and porcelain, do not stick for instance effect, wear-resisting hardness, the function such as adhesion is a kind of coating that develops specially for pottery and porcelain tableware, the sanitation index that each contacts with food also passed validation.

For the performance of ceramic coating used in daily life has the following characteristics:

1, green environmental protection, harmless to human body.

2, strong adhesion, good toughness, suitable for the coating of stainless steel, aluminum, iron phosphate, ceramics, bamboo carbon materials.

3. Excellent high temperature resistance, stable luster and color under long-term high temperature use.

4, excellent scraping and corrosion resistance, high hardness, good wear resistance.

5. Excellent continuous non-sticking ability, able to withstand boiling water, salt water, milk, eggs, butter and other edible materials for a long time.