Talk about the types and USES of red ceramic pigments


Red is the color of a very special, regardless of our blood is red, look at your side color, red, yellow, blue three primary colors is the basic component of the color of life, and for ceramic pigment, blue is relatively easy to development of new varieties of pigment common blue are zirconium vanadium blue, cobalt blue, blue, sapphire blue, their structure types are zircon, spinel, spinel; Yellow ceramic pigment is relatively rich in products, mainly titanium series of orange, pure yellow; Iron - chromium - zinc - aluminum series of golden, brown. Zirconium structure of praseodymium yellow, wrapped yellow and so on.

Ceramic color according to the use of the use of roughly divided into glaze and blank body with two kinds, most of the glaze color in the blank body are hair color, but the blank body color in the glaze may not have hair color. Red ceramic glaze coloring material varieties mainly include: zirconium iron oxide red, red package, mariko manganese red, pink, etc., in which zirconium iron oxide red and red package belong to zircon structure type, in the body and glaze has good hair color, especially red hair color bright, red high degree value, although the price is higher, but generally in glass Mosaic, porcelain glaze ceramics and art above application more; Iron zirconium red is widely used in matte glazes and ceramics because of its relatively low price and its ability to match and mix with other zirconium colors to create other rich color ranges and good high temperature properties.

Yuangzi red, also known as tin rose, belongs to the structure of tin sphen. It is mainly made of chromium oxide, tin oxide and calcium oxide by sintering. The formula of this product is highly confidential, the production process is complex, and the raw material selection and process are very exquisite. Had heard of chaozhou after their factories in foshan area, in accordance with the original formula preparation raw material and the same raw material and process, but came to foshan is burn out after the original effect, more is also has exquisite production water, another is the formula of the introduction of calcium oxide, common sense, but was a calcium oxide or calcium bicarbonate, but the chaozhou region is said to be from oyster shells shattered, with tin oxide ingot melted in the cauldron, technology can show the original, yet mysterious. Yuzi red ranges from pink to deep purplish red depending on the amount of chromium oxide and calcium oxide in the formula. At present, yuanzi red products have also been used in the production of ceramic pink ink, in addition to the use of glazed tile is large.

Manganese rose due to contain carbonated manganese, in high temperature temperature performance is not very good, and because of the presence of the complete reaction of manganese carbonate in the porcelain, easy to lead to the production of pinhole, so the glaze with manganese rose is basically used in matte antique brick products.

The red ceramic pigment used in the blank body mainly includes: coral red of aluminum-iron structure, ferrosilicon red, yttrium aluminum red, manganese red and so on. The development of aluminum-iron red is something of a miracle, because the variety is said to have been developed by accident in an unintentional experiment, or because it was accidentally dropped into a ball when the raw material was mixed with alumina instead of zirconia. Of course, the above is the legend of all corners of the country, but the first coral red products made by the same technical colleagues or as a technician of the author is very admire.

Ferrosilicon red is mainly made from silica black and iron oxide red calcination, hair color is more bright than ferroaluminium red, pink tone is stronger, natural products are 510B ferrosilicon mine in France. Because the price of white carbon black is several times higher than the price of alumina, so the current market is basically using cheap aluminum iron red products.

Manganese red products belong to the corundum combination type, which has general high temperature resistance performance in the blank. Due to the low price of raw materials of alumina and manganese carbonate, it also belongs to the pink ceramic blank color materials with low price. At present, the basic use of manganese red products in the market, its market share in 2004 before and after relatively objective, due to the decrease in demand, now few manufacturers of non-ferrous materials production, basically by one or two color enterprises monopoly production.